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We believe that the future of shopping is digital. That is why we buy, develop and scale digital businesses.

We know that talent alone is not enough to take an early stage company to a global level. To achieve steady growth, a company needs not only innovative marketing, but also solid management, tax and legal expertise and, above all, sufficient financial backing.

We are experts in handling the interaction of these factors.


We acquire companies from founders who are prepared to leave their business in the most capable of hands. We use the power of our platform to develop the profitability of the companies entrusted to us, without ever compromising the vision of those who made them what they are today.

We continue to work with these exceptionally talented founders long after the exit process. We remove any barriers necessary, giving them freedom to focus on what they are passionate about. Together with us, they contribute directly to the successful development and management of the next generation of profitable companies.

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We invest primarily in digital companies in the DACH region. We focus on companies with the potential to grow consistently through economic cycles. By improving their online presence, increasing product and service quality, and optimizing their advertising strategy, we help these companies to expand their market positions in their respective segments and establish themselves as a brand.

Our aim is not to only focus on short-term trends, but to increase the operational performance of our projects in the long term.

For our employees, our customers, investors, partners and founders, we are a responsible and reliable partner you can rely on.



Fast. Pragmatic. Bespoke.

Transactions with us are fast and pragmatic, with most of our transactions completing within a few weeks. Nevertheless, we review, negotiate and manage every project on an individual basis. We know that each founder and each project has its own unique background and requirements, so our expert team members closely coordinate with the founders throughout every step of the process. If you are thinking about an exit and want to find out whether your company fits our requirements, please tell us more about your project.


Always one step ahead
through innovation.



Our most valuable asset can’t be found on a balance sheet. We believe that our creative, motivated and well-trained employees are the key to the success of our projects.

With experts in eCommerce, Marketing, Private Equity, and Legal, we are excellently positioned to handle the entire investment process with our own resources.


Our team benefits from many years of experience in the investment business, bringing in strong networks and extensive know-how in the various key sectors of the European eCommerce market. This gives us close connections to the market, helping us to make well-founded investment decisions to closely monitor the development of our projects.


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Jeremias Bura

Head of M&A

Managing Director



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Manuel Pechaigner

Head of Sales

Managing Director


Jeremias Bura on LinkedIn Jeremias Bura on Xing

Fabian Meier

Head of Innovation

Managing Director


Jeremias Bura on LinkedIn Jeremias Bura on Xing


We build different.

Equilution stands for doing things differently. That which is usually checked from above, we check from the bottom first, and only then from above. We combine technical analysis tools, such as the recording of click behavior and eye tracking studies, with innovations in analytical and business psychology. Our work on individual variables facilitates the development of new formulas with completely new possibilities. This approach makes us different – and better – than our competitors in every aspect – be it human resources, investor relations, deal flow or workflow. Why? Because we simply do things differently.


Our investment strategies
will blow your mind.



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Millions in financing: Berlin logistics start-ups benefit from the e-commerce boom

Online retail has been booming since the pandemic began. According to Statista, e-commerce in Europe increased by almost 20 percent to 377 billion euros in 2020. This means that the specialized logistics service providers are also growing. Two young Berlin companies are now receiving fresh money from venture capitalists to deal with the growth impulse…

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E-commerce in Germany is booming: What is driving the growth?

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Jeremias Bura

Head of M&A | Managing Director | Lawyer

The working culture at Equilution is based on straightforwardness and good communication. Joint success requires, above all, good teamwork. Therefore, we treat the people we work with as we would like to be treated by them. This is the only way we can grow together as a team.